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Color and Curb Appeal

What’s your favorite color? Chances are, there’s a way to work it into your home’s roof in a way that expresses your personal style and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Each week, mother and daughter remodelers Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak inspire HGTV’s “Good Bones” viewers with their colorful home transformations. Karen and Mina, founders of Indianapolis-based Two Chicks and a Hammer, have used Owens Corning® TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Shingles in televised remodels and even on their personal remodeling projects. Below, Karen and Mina get “personal” about color and how the right shingle color can boost a home’s curb appeal.

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Question and Answer

What’s An Easy Way To Integrate Color Into A Home’s Exterior, Including Its Roof?

(Mina) Putting together an exterior mood board is one way to make the right decision for you. One of our first steps is designing a mood board or style board.

How Do You Start Building A Mood Board?

(Karen) Look around your house and find the items that appeal to you. It might be a lantern, a piece of pottery, a decorative planter… whatever. Once you’ve gathered these items, look for what makes them inspiring. Is it a color, pattern or some other common theme? These things can serve as permission pieces for the rest of your home’s exterior.

What Do You Mean By A Permission Piece?

(Karen) In design, a permission piece allows what might otherwise be disparate components to live together happily. Think about a beautiful rug with a vibrant color woven in. You might pull that color out through different furnishings in the room, such as your curtains, chairs or accessories. The rug serves as the permission piece for all the items to live together. The same concept applies to a home’s roof. The nice thing about the Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® Designer shingles is they can serve as the permission piece for your siding, front door, or patio furniture. The shingle is the unifying piece that lets all these pieces talk to each other.


What Other Advice Do You Have For Building A Mood Board?

(Mina) Look at your collection holistically because what you put with the roof shingles is going to change how it looks on your house.

How Do You Select Colors For The Home Exteriors On Your Show?

(Karen) Above all else, color is really personal, but certain colors tend to evoke feelings. A bright sunshiny yellow says “happy” and a nice greenish blue shade conveys a sense of calm, while red is very vibrant and energetic. On our show, we remodel 13 homes every season, so we try to include some variety and use colors that pay homage to some aspect of the home.
When we work with a homeowner we help them think about color in terms of how it makes them feel. I might start out by asking a homeowner what colors speak to her. But I’ll also ask her to look at other houses in the neighborhood. No one wants their home’s exterior to fight with the neighbor’s house.

Above all else, color is really personal. Certain colors also evoke feelings.

What Tips Do You Suggest When It Comes To Using Color Specifically On The Roof?

(Mina) Consider a couple things. Do you want to blend in or stand out? Also, do you have any (neighborhood HOA) rules you have to follow. One thing they can’t dictate is the items you put on your porch. You can still get very personal, fun and colorful with your porch light or your front door or the pillows you put on a chair.

Have You Used Owens Corning’s Colored Shingles In Some Of Your Projects?

(Karen) Yes, but we didn’t realize the role color could make in transforming a house until we’d been at it a while. On our first home rehab we used an orange roof and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve wished we could have a do-over on that house. When we saw the subtle, multi-dimensional colors embedded in the Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® Designer shingle line, our eyes were opened to how color could be a big part of the exterior redesign.

We put the Sand Dune shingle on our home office roof – we call that our “Mermaid House” – and it changed how we think about roof color.

We recently put a Merlot roof on the bluish purple “barn” that serves as my guest house and it looks amazing. The red and blue embedded into the Merlot shingle looks beautiful next to the purple siding on my guest house and the red pays “homage” to the gamble roof. My Merlot roof doesn’t scream for attention. Instead the shingle color whispers, “Aren’t I beautiful?” And I whisper back, “Yes!”

The roof is a subtle element that can have a really big impact. You don’t top off a home with a new roof and say, “Wow, that’s an amazing roof.” Instead you say, “that’s an amazing house.” The roof makes the whole house stand out in a very positive way.

Benefits Of Metal Roofing
My Merlot roof doesn't scream for attention. Instead the shingle color whispers, "Aren't I beautiful?" And I whisper back, "Yes!"

Do you suggest homeowners use technology to guide their exterior color decisions?

(Karen) Well, I like to start with the physical shingle. I tell homeowners to hold the shingle next to their home’s paint or siding. That will give you a gut instinct of whether the color works. Then, use Owens Corning online visualization tools to digitally place the shingles on the whole house. That provides a way to double-check you’ve made the right decision.

How Can Homeowners Use The Tools Owens Corning Has Made – Such As The Online Design And Inspire Style Boards – To Inform Their Roof Decision?

(Mina) You can find a look you like and say this is really great except I want to go even bolder with my accent color; or I actually want to tone it down a bit. That will at least give you some ideas with the different shingle options and the direction you’re going to go in.

What Advice Do You Offer A Homeowner Prior To Meeting With A Contractor?

(Karen) Think about the colors you like before the contractor comes to your home. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the contractor will show up with a limited range of exterior options.

Also, consider your budget and the extent of the re-roofing project. If you can afford to do a complete exterior overhaul, use the roof as that permission piece to tie everything together. If you can’t afford to do a complete exterior rehab but need to replace your roof, select a shingle color that contains some of the hues you want to work into your home’s exterior when you can afford to make more extensive enhancements. And remember, color is personal. Don’t let a contractor, your neighbor or your friends make the color decision – the final decision should always be yours.

(Mina) You want to take what you’ve done inside your home and make it match on the outside. So, every time you pull up, you’re super happy. You feel like this is me and I can own it and really be proud of my house.

How Has Your Partnership With Owens Corning Changed How You Think About Color On The Roof?

(Karen) The colored roofs we looked at in the past were really one dimensional and flat. The orange roof on our first remodel stands out from the rest of the house. Owens Corning has created color shingles that are subtle and variable in shade. The roof is a critical component of a home’s exterior design. The right color can complement a well-planned new exterior or pull together disparate exterior elements.

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Yes! We can arrange for tree removal prior to roof tarping. We’ll coordinate the entire project for you.

It is always your deductible plus upgrades if any.

Not many can. A membrane or metal commercial roof system generally requires a different set of equipment, specialized materials, and expertise. From asphalt emulsion-based systems to built-up and mod-bit systems to galvanized steel, commercial roofs require a different skill set than that of a roofer more used to dealing with residences. Best Roofing Now is the company to choose in North Carolina’s Piedmont Region when you want to “go local” and choose the best commercial roofing company at the same time.

While there could be some initial cost-saving in laying new shingles over an old, aged roof, we generally don’t recommend re-roofing. Old shingles also mean an old roof deck. By tearing off the old shingles, our licensed roofing contractor will then be able to spot any areas of instability or damage to the roof deck that may have been hidden by the shingles. We can replace any sections where there may be wood rot. Roof installation techniques and materials have also changed over the last couple of decades, and your old roof may not be up to code. “Re-roof” jobs may also not carry the same warranties as a full replacement.

Generally, we’ll wait for a break in the rain before climbing onto a roof when the rain is still sheeting due to the safety risk. One of the best benefits to choosing Best Roofing Now is that we live right here in Charlotte, so we’ll be watching the weather along with you. Just give us a call, and together we’ll determine the best time to tarp your roof.

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There are two primary ways that homeowners benefit from owning a battery:

First, you can use the battery for backup power. If the grid goes down, you’re still covered. If disaster strikes, if there’s a hurricane in your area, or a fire, or any of the things that we’re all dealing with now, on a much more common basis, having a battery will allow you to continue to have electricity in your home, even if your utility company can’t provide it.

The second reason is that you can often actually save money by getting a battery if you live in a region with specific rate structures where you would benefit from using stored power from the battery during more expensive times of the day. In many regions, the net metering policy allows you to save money without the need for the battery unless you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home can provide electricity even when your utility company can’t. Ask your Best Roofing Now consultant for more information. They’ll be able to give you a detailed proposal of exactly how much a system will cost with a battery if you’re interested in one. We work with all the biggest battery manufacturers and we can absolutely make sure that you get taken care of – whichever way is best for you.

Yes! We have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing the membrane roofs and steel roofs most often used for large, flat surfaces. Whether you want to know your options for a full replacement or simply need your roof repaired because you’ve discovered a water leak or other damage, Best Roofing Now can help. We will also help you develop a regular roof maintenance plan to help extend the lifespan of your roof.

Yes! Our experienced, licensed roofers will inspect your roof up close to assess the scope of any obvious damage and also map out the probable unseen damage just below the surface. With that knowledge at hand, we will let you know if roof repair is the most affordable option or if you’re better off with a full roof replacement.

Not every home is eligible for solar, so cross your fingers. Let’s hope you’re one of the lucky ones, and you can save money. There are three main factors:

Number one is called “sun exposure” – does your roof (or the location of your solar panels) get enough access to the sun? One of the things we’ll do is analyze your sun exposure from satellite images and other technology to make sure that you’ve got what’s called “proper solar access”. There’s a percentage we’re looking for which, as long as you’ve got that, you’re good to go.

Number two is orientation. What direction would your panels be facing? Ideally, we would want the panels facing South or West, since that is where the most sunshine hits. So you’re looking for the right sun exposure, you’re looking for the right orientation.

And then there’s just number three. Are there any structural issues with your house or roof that would make it difficult to mount solar panels? And if it turns out that it doesn’t work for solar, no harm done, you got educated and you know it is what it is. But that’s the reason why I encourage you to reach out and get a no-cost proposal from us so we can actually do the hard work of analyzing your property and show you exactly how much money you can save by going solar.

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